KAL – Rock´N´Roma


The infusion of pure energy and the sound that won’t leave your mind and body indifferent in any moment – is Kal Band.

The eclectic rhythm created by the combination of Western Balkan music with swing, jazz, blues, and pop brings a completely new and original sound that is applied from the first to the last chords.

The group was founded in 1996. Since then, over a thousand concerts have been played abroad. They participated in all major European festivals: Fusion Festival – Germany, Pepsi Sziget Festival – Hungary, Berlinale Festival – Germany, EXIT Festival – Serbia, Belgrade Beer Fest – Serbia, Kustendorf Film and Music Festival – Serbia, Nisville Jazz Festival – Serbia…

Those are the pure aesthetics of the minor scale, so it’s no surprise that western, music critics, the style that the Roma group put into our lives called Rock’N’Roma, or Gypsy Rockabilly.



Sterijino pozorje

28. August. 2020. Novi Sad

Lake festival

05. – 07. August 2020 Niksic – Montenegro

Bistro La Vue

18. June. 2020. Belgrade

Muha Bar

13. June. 2020. Belgrade

Caffe Markant Kod Džila

5. June. 2020. Lazarevac

13th Welcome in Tziganie festival

24. April. 2020. Seissan

Muha Bar

17. April. 2020. Belgrade

Student’s City Cultural  Center

06. April. 2020. Belgrade

Muha Bar

04. April. 2020. Belgrade

Muha Bar

21. March. 2020. Belgrade

City Hall Club

22. February. 2020.

Klub Trema

08. February. 2020.
Novi Sad

Muha Bar

01. February. 2020 Belgrade

Pirot Ironed Sausage Fair

25-26. January. 2020.

City Hall Club

14. January. 2020. Beograd

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